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What Our Customers Say

"Working with Matta felt like an extension to our own security team."


Phishing is Your Company's Biggest Security Risk

Less than 1 Day

84% of Phishing Sites are up and gone in a day. So security tools don't catch them.

Someone You Know

91% of Attacks are now pretending to be from someone you know, so you trust them and take action.

Not Fixed

The IT Department is often uncertain how to react. 41% of the time, no action is taken.

"Security defenses on the perimeter, such as Firewalls do not prevent Phishing attacks, which typically now are delivered via email and social media"


Attacks Across the Globe

  • Tax season in the UK, 2015, saw millions of people targeted with phishing emails claiming to be from HMRC, but delivery malware instead
  • December 23, 2015 approximately 700,000 people lost power when an electricity provider was hacked via a phishing attack
  • In 2016 a phishing email led to Seagate Technology being tricked in to handing over tax documents on all current and past employees which contained confidential information, including social security numbers a nd salaries
  • Jan 2016, Time Warner said that up to 320,000 customers may have had their passwords stolen by a phishing attack
  • Jan 2017, A newly-detected Gmail phishing attack sees criminals hack and then rifle through inboxes to target account owners' contacts with thoroughly convincing emails

It seems simple to avoid? So why is Phishing the number one way companies are compromised?

We Understand You Need a Solution, Not Just Technology

Sending a phishing email, without a process to improve, is like learning how to fly a plane.... but not learning how to land.

The Benefits*

No Limits

Most plans have no limits on number of employees, because you all deserve protection

All You Can Eat

Companies are all different, so we'll run as many campaigns as you need through the year

Run By Experts

Experts with 20+ years in cyber security run your campaigns

On-Demand Training

When an employee gets fooled by one of our campaigns, they immediately get put onto a training track

Find Vulnerable PC's

We identify PC's that have vulnerabilities which increase the seriousness of the risk

Directors Reports

Twice a year you get a Report Pack and Presentation you can give to your Board of Directors to show progress

* Some features are only available on certain packages - see our features and pricing section for details


Nobody else offers you your money back, but we're so confident you'll find DeepPhishing everything you need it to be and more, that we'll give you your money back within 60 days if you decide not to continue.

To be clear, that means you have 60 days to work with us, use our system, design and run campaigns, get training and materials, and if you don't like it, just cancel in the first 60 days and we'll refund your money.

What Our Customers Say

"The report we received was very clear and comprehensive and extremely useful to us in understanding where we can best focus our ongoing effort to support our staff in protecting the organization against phishing attacks."


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